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Animal Testing News

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Big Pharma's Animal Spirits


Improvements Needed In Research If Animal Experiments To Benefit Human Health


Protest at firmís link to animal testing lab

Scientists Put Shrimp on a Treadmill

Police investigate theft of rabbits from research Hardwick lab

Biotech's plan to use animals expected to win Port St. Lucie's OK

UK - Scanner 'could end animal tests'

Animal Defenders International (ADI) Releases Information on Primate Research in US

New Zealand - Still in the dark about animal research!

Cornell receives $50 million for new animal health center

UCLA Researcher vows to stop using animals

Dogs Sold For Animal Testing?

Activists: Scientist stops animal studies

Are there too many scientific experiments on animals in Britain?

UK - The road to an animal-free laboratory

UK - Animal testing hits a 14-year high

Researchers deny poor animal care

Shame - Lab animals die after power outage at Ohio State University

Tahitian Noni agrees to stop animal testing

Australia - Animal testing 'skyrocketing'

Speaking out on animal testing

Activists target dealers who sell animals to science facilities

Henry Schein to acquire European animal-health products company

Kalamazoo is drug-testing hub for Pfizer

EU industry vows to cut down on animal testing

Commission against animal lab funding

EU moving to eliminate animal testing

Targeting the Testers

UK - Glaxo takes legal action against animal rights extremists

Bills in the works to stop animal testing

Testing on apes 'might be needed' ?


UK - Drug labels to promote animal tests


UK - Council bans animal-tested items


DNR cites Ames animal lab for air quality violations


Stem cells may replace animal testing


It's time to test the testers


Animal tests are key to disease research

UK condemned as 'animal experiment capital' of Europe

Animal brains íhard-wiredí to recognize predatorís foot ...


Animal research petition launched


India - Animal dissections: A cruelty


Canada - LUSH Cosmetics Launches Against Animal Testing Campaign


Stroke drug made from snake venom, bat saliva


Are Your Cosmetics Really Animal Safe?


UK - Rules on animal tests may face big changes


UK - Animal suffering in experiments should be revealed, say advisers


Animal testing facility eyes MetroWest site


EU approves alternatives to animal testing of drugs


McCartney Wants Animal Lab Out of Ariz.


UK - Hawking backs animal test labs


Scientist backs animal testing for cosmetics


Opposing sides in animal testing row pledge to step up action


UK Scientists Defy Threats Against Animal Research


EPA: Teflon chemical causes cancer in laboratory animals


British Animal Testing at 12-Year High


Support grows for animal-free labs


Lab Animal Violations Decried


Lizard Spit used as Diabetes Treatment


Some animal research on the decline, but not because of protests


EU, Industries Want to End Animal Testing


Drug firms offered haven from animal activists


Europe - Conference on replacing animal testing with alternative methods


Firm planning animal testing at new facility


Scientists offered animal research haven in Africa


Conference explores animal testing alternatives


Green tea halts Alzheimer's in mice


Mice infected with bubonic plague missing


ECJ dismisses France's repeal of animal testing law


Animal testing backed by 500 U.K. scientists


Explanation sought for animal experiments

Captain Paul Watson

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Noble Paws

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Why not to declaw


Animal Torture & Heinous Crimes





Animals Deserve Absolute Protection Today and Tomorrow (ADAPTT)

Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Care International (AAALAC)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


Leaping Bunny

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)

Stop Animal Tests

Wikipedia - AAALAC

Wikipedia - CDC

Wikipedia - Covance

Wikipedia - Huntingdon Life Sciences

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