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Animal Fighting Gets Felony Status

Vet conference explores noting animal abuse

New Zealand - SPCA issues annual list of animal abuse cases

Will Chicago's City Council Flip-Flop on Animal Cruelty?, Group Asks

China - Sickening 'Animal Olympics' forces kangaroos to box humans

Canada Pig Farmer Killed Humans Too

Man gets jail for starving 4 horses

Australia - Police to target animal cruelty offenders

Shame - Country music star Gentry charged with killing bear

Why all this animal cruelty?

Horse rescuer charged with cruelty

Horse-rescue operator to face cruelty charges

Man Hauling Horses to Slaughter Charged With Animal Cruelty; Badly Beaten, Abused Horses Stopped in Arkansas

Animal abuse points to domestic violence

UK - Animal abuse figures reveal rise

Animal abusers should be charged with felonies

Australia - Expert links animal abuse to human violence

Veterinarian Arrested On Animal Cruelty Charges

State delegate faces fine for cruelty to animals

Australia - Financier jailed over animal cruelty

Hong Kong - Tougher penalties for animal cruelty mooted

Canada zoo charged with animal cruelty

Humane Society brings national attention to stopping animal fighting

Australia - Animal cruelty and violent crime link


Australia - Sheep export company on animal cruelty charges 

Woman who ran animal shelter sentenced to jail time for animal cruelty

Woman Faces Fifty Charges of Animal Cruelty

Local couple accused of animal cruelty

So Sick - France - Festival-goers cut dogs open to get at drugs

Trio guilty of animal cruelty charges in Pa.

Oxford breeder, 2 others guilty of animal cruelty

Where animal cruelty still exists

Anchorage woman sentenced in animal cruelty case

Welsh Shame: Animal Cruelty Hotspot Revealed

Turkey's stray dog abuses anger activists

Florida man sentenced for selling skins of endangered animals

Warrant issued alleging 40 animal cruelty counts


Internet Animal Torture Film Reflects Wider Malaise


El Paso, TX - Police helping to stop animal cruelty


SHAME - 9-Year-Old Is Veteran Bullfighter


Australia - Award-winning wool grower guilty of animal cruelty


Radical speaker denounces animal cruelty


EBAA Reveals Cruelty in the Rabbit Meat Industry


Sick - 'Hog dogging' has some fighting mad


Kennel owner pleads guilty to animal cruelty


British tourists fuel Africa's cruel trade in 'canned hunting'


Sick - Animal sacrifices irk Miami neighborhood


Snake shipper charged with animal cruelty


Self-described horse expert charged with animal cruelty


Animal cruelty reports rising


Family's Prized Hunting Dogs Shot Poisoned


Anyone who suspects Animal Cruelty can call the ASPCA's confidential tips line at (877) THE-ASPCA (843-2772)

Search's Animal Abuse Database


UK - Animal ban for woman who left dogs to starve


Shame on Bahrain - Animal 'cruelty' caught on film


Australia - Country horse trainer banned three years for animal cruelty


Horses given Viagra to make them go faster at illegal races


Reward offered for couple convicted of animal cruelty


Woman Stole From Stray Animals


Animal Neglect Case Called One Of The Worst




Dozens of beheaded dogs found in Tokyo


Seven Accused of Illegal Hunting in Spain


Deer Hunter Shoots Pet Dog


Sickening - Man Arrested After Puppy Found Buried Alive In Yard


UK - 'Frozen animal carcasses found in pet shop'


Dutch Agency Cries Fowl Play in Shooting


UK - Dodging the ban: hunts flush foxes for owls to kill


Animal abuse suspect faced similar charges 13 years ago


TV tower wires kill 400 birds in one night


Life animal ban for woman, 66

Dozens Of Lab Animals Die After UNC Lab Overheats

Dog Drownings: City Manager Throws WOAI Mic


Couple wanted on animal neglect charges has fled, sheriff says


Men Accused Of Torturing Hog In Front Of Kids


McDonalds slammed for cruelty 8/12/05

Animal Cruelty Lands Woman in Jail 8/1/05

Egg producer faces animal abuse charges 7/30/05

Animal mutilations spark police manhunt

Pa. Man Serves Curbside Sentence for Animal Cruelty 

Man pleads not guilty to animal cruelty charge 7/7/05

Police nab 80 in raid on animal fighting 7/4/05

Teenager Charged With Animal Cruelty 7/1/05

Woman charged with cruelty to animal

Man indicted on animal cruelty charge 6/25/05

Animal Cruelty Video Sparks Iowa Probe 6/23/05

Three Iowa Teens Charged in Animal Torture 

Driver Keeps Tortoises in Trunk for Soup 6/13/05


 Animal Cruelty Laws


Captain Paul Watson

Elephants in Zoos?/.mov

Katrina Rescue/.mov

Katrina Rescue 2

L.A. Fur Protest/.mov

Noble Paws

Rabbit Rescue/.mov

Skunk Rescue/.mov

Whale Rescue

Why not to declaw





Police Suspect Dogs Buried On Vick's Former Property


Michael Vick active in dog-fighting at house he owned, sources say


Florida - Evidence suggests dog fighting continues in area


Some Facts About Chaining or Tethering Dogs


Woman who allegedly gave dogs booze charged with animal cruelty


Indy steps up efforts to end dog fighting


'Dog bomb' used against US troops


Sick - Ex-Con Sentenced To 9 Years For Stabbing Dog


Animal Cruelty Charges Against Man Living In Bus With 32 Dogs


Owner: Dog Trainer 'Exorcised' Pet To Death


Dog breeder charged with 70 counts of animal cruelty


Couple Pleads Guilty to Dog Fighting


Dog Breeder Arrested on Animal Cruelty Charges


Dog Beater Gets Three Years In Prison


Pit Bull Fighting and Animal Abuse


Mother, son nabbed in dogfighting probe


Dogs Found Unable To Walk Because Of Hair



Push Made To Make Austin Dog-Chain Free

No Tethering Animals In North Little Rock

California - New Law Limits Time Dogs Can Be Tethered


Governor Schwarzenegger Signs Legislation to Outlaw Inhumane Dog Tethering

Iams Cruelty

Iams Kills

Kentucky Fried Chicken Cruelty

Pet Abuse

Proctor & Gamble Kills's Animal Abuse Database

Society for Animal Protective Legislation

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