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Bird News

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National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation

Hollywood Pigeons to be Put on the Pill

Foul-Mouthed Cockatoo Forces Indiana Workers to Avoid Bad Language

Hundreds of pigeons make for foul tenants

Bird Eavesdrops on Another Bird's Alarm Calls

Birds, Like Humans, Can Plan Ahead

Bird Butts Shed Excess Heat

Now restaurants for vultures!

EU to ban imports of wild birds

Bird Calling is a skill, art for four in Pitt County


One Key to Bird Flight Discovered


Tony Blair wants Ban on Wild bird trade!

Environment chief and food agency target wild-bird trade

huh - Galveston bird expert says he is no cat-hater

Madonna criticized by animal rights campaigners over pheasant shoot

Global warming could cause bird extinctions: WWF

How Homing Pigeons Find Home

Prehistoric bird that could have swallowed a dog whole

Migrating Birds Take Hundreds of Daily Powernaps

Auburn group discovers elusive bird in Florida

Birds Have Deadly Sibling Rivalries

Vermont - Bird-of-the-Week: Common Loon

Researchers work to save rare songbird

New Multicolored Bird Found in India

City Birds Cope with Stress Better

Madonna criticized by animal rights campaigners over pheasant shoot

New species of bird found in Nepal

Endangered bird released back to wild

Police chief enters crumbling building to retrieve pet lovebird

Smog-monitoring pigeons? PETA says, 'No!' protests plan to put gadgets on birds

Owl Pair Released from Animal Center

Globetrotting Birds Migrate 40,000 Miles

Birds Cut Rivals Off in Mating Songs

Australia - Welfare groups welcome quail hunting ban

Brazilian military to transport stray penguins

Seattle trying new device for goose poop

Ohio - Former mine sites provide havens for dozens of bird species

Rescued bird is fit and flying

Birdwatching tourism ready for take-off in Eritrea

Rescue Efforts End For Arrow-Pierced Bird

Australia - Man Tries to Smuggle Bird Eggs in Undies

Endangered cuckoo spotted in Indonesia

Injured Bird Eludes Rescuers

Territorial blackbird puts targets in foul mood

Bird Extinctions More Rapid Than Thought

Bird Droppings Fly to Space

Bird droppings making way from roof to offices inside county courthouse

Dutch paleontologists find remains of dodo

Baby pelicans starving along California coast

Officials seek ways to rid tunnel island of birds

Cape beaches closed to vehicles to protect birds

Bird fossils fill in a big missing link

Geese blamed for Lake Tahoe pollution

Environmental groups suing to get bird federal protection

EU urged not to lift its ban on 'cruel' import of wild birds

Philadelphia - Volunteers Needed To Care For Wounded Baby Birds

Theft of bird from pet store saddens family

Louisiana - Officials discuss birds' departure

Students, birds watch out for each other

Birds disappearance baffling

Birds terrorize local neighbors

Battle Of The Birds


Migrant birds from Africa in serious decline: study


Animal-rights activist: Group drugged pheasants then shot them


Highway patrol rescues wayward ducklings


Bird Extinction Crisis


Birders vie for World Series glory in N.J. swamp

Birders Find No New Evidence of Woodpecker

Renowned bird conservation group moves to Petaluma

Bird-watchers of a feather to flock together

State maps will guide bird-watchers

Chicago - Bird Hospital To Open In City

When good birds go bad

Spring bird-mating ritual unfolds at bucolic Bolinas Lagoon Preserve

Cambodia: Flock of Endangered Birds Found

Roosters head to sanctuary

Animal welfare groups offer $5,000 reward in shooting of great blue heron

Songbirds learn grammar, surprise linguists

Pelican back in lagoon thanks to rescue team

Injured Bird Released Into The Wild

Birds vie for nesting spots

Border Patrol seizes birds smuggled from Mexico

Woman's Mass Bird Feedings Spark Protests

Bird Lovers Lament: No Chicks For Pale Male

Chuck Allen - 'Bird man of Leavenworth'

Calif. Biologists Find Finches Ailing

Trans chicken baffles animal experts

Migrating birds finding restored wetlands

South Africa - Feathers fly over killing of Robben Island birds

Australia - Activists free battery hens

U.S. Postal Workers Report Baby Birds Dying in the Mail 

Polly wanna go home

Restoring wetlands key to curbing bird flu: report

Pet lovers find few protections in Florida when buying birds, reptiles

'Wandering Wanda' leads officials on wild turkey chase

Activists flock to Kenya for migratory bird day

A bird takes flight, and she finds a flock of good folks

Residents team to form game bird conservation group

Couple's center for birds of prey attracts thousands

Roanoke animal control officers scare off vultures

Philippines - Duck raising in wild bird areas banned

Groups win key battle over red knot birds

Lewiston Bird Sanctuary Getting Facelift

Three Texas Birds Are Endangered Species

Fewer birds spotted in UK gardens

Local bird sanctuary internationally recognized

Seabirds continue to wash up on Ore. coast

Paris pushes patriots to keep eating poultry

Paleontologists Ponder Feather Evolution


Birders delight in Mexican visitor


Man surrenders 62 parakeets to Brockton animal shelter


Stowaway bird gets free cruise-ship ride


Researchers work to save gooney birds


'Extinct' bird a hot talk topic


Dick Cheney misses bird, hits fellow hunter


Iraqis urged to kill birds


Judge May Halt Project to Protect Bird


Birds can distinguish languages

Estonia oil slick could kill up to 35,000 birds

Pierce County Council might revise animal licensing ordinance to cover birds

Pierce County likely to look into bird farms


'Extinct' bird a hot talk topic


NYC Birds Put on Show for Harbor Cruise


Oil slick kills birds en masse in Baltic Sea


Drug swap urged to save vultures


Medication for endangered vultures offers hope


Corps to spend $54 million on Missouri River fish, bird habitats

Snails hitched ride on birds to cross
Extreme birders travel far to see fowl
Bird population evolving
PAWS nursing injured seabirds

Smelly Bird Getting A Ride To Miami

Bird-watchers flock to Logan
wastewater plant


Citizen science is part of birding tradition


Were human ancestors hunted by birds?


Local man gets job for benefit of birds


State Officials Looking For the National Bird in Ohio


India - Animal activists go cuckoo over bird ad


Outlook grim for Toga, the stolen penguin


Bird Flies 2,500 Miles for Baby's Food


Brazil accuses nine of smuggling rare birds


Madison, WI - Birders asked to count feral cats


Golf course goose hunt protested


UI's parakeet purge cost $698.32 for each dead bird


Hooked on birds


Pelican Man's bird center needs $200,000


Power company says it won't take any more birds this year


Conn. Bird Lovers Defend Parakeets' Nests


Government sued over poultry slaughter 11/21/05


FeederWatch brings birders full menu of native species


Birdlike animal had dinosaur feet


The Cost of Feeding Geese Just Went Up in Fairfax


Animal rights activists upset over plan to remove parakeet nests


Dutch Agency Cries Fowl Play in Shooting


Emus and ostriches are worlds apart


Bird Calls May Have Meaning


Feathers fly as woman accused of using bra for birdnapping




Conservation Groups Applaud European Decision to Ban Import of Wild Birds


London may ban pet birds


'Bird Man' of Torrance Lives in Feather Feces Filth...


Feds reduce protected bird habitat


TV tower wires kill 400 birds in one night


Animal welfare campaigners set sights on game bird cages


Feds reduce protected bird habitat


Saving birds with a switch: NYC launches 'Lights Out' program


51 cockatiels abandoned at Santa Maria animal shelter


Pet bird survives amid ruins of hurricane-hit house


Supporters of wild bird catching tradition demonstrate in Upper Austria 


6 charged with selling protected birds illegally


Chicks get around with animal magnetism


Birds take off as choice for animal companion


Death of commission bird biologist leaves void

Birds devastate crops in Nigeria 7/29/05

Bird gets in way of Discovery at liftoff 7/27/05

Bird eggs smuggler jailed for year 7/28/05

Animal agency swoops in to rescue 7/24/05

Kids, birds mingle in event 7/23/05

Don't eat Thailand Poultry 7/22/05


A generation of birds lost in storm 7/14/05

Bird expert named Audubon center head 7/11/05

Oregon birds make comeback 7/5/05

A Farewell to Pale Male and Lola 6/26/05

Duck ancestors roamed Earth with dinosaurs 1/25/05


Scientists Teach Sparrows to Sing Backward 12/8/04


Captain Paul Watson

Elephants in Zoos?/.mov

Katrina Rescue/.mov

Katrina Rescue 2

L.A. Fur Protest/.mov

Noble Paws

Rabbit Rescue/.mov

Skunk Rescue/.mov

Whale Rescue

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In what is considered to be one of the most colorful spectacles of the animal world, Peruvian Macaws descend on the Tambopata river to literally eat dirt to help their digestive system.  This is known as clay lick or geophagy, somewhat similar to the salt licks that we are familiar with. (Via British Airways's High Life magazine).

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