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Cat Newsclick to watch video on why not to declaw cats

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Cat tales

Careless cat keepers

Not so fat cat

The plot thickens for Hemingway's cats

Cat finds way home after being let off bus while owner dozed

Animal doctor 'Felinese' is language of cats

World's First Cloned Cat Has Kittens

Reward Offered For Rare, Beloved Cat

Cat damages police cruiser, flees scene

Jack the Cat Chases Black Bear Up Tree

Judge Spares Life of Lewis the Cat

Mobile spay and neuter clinic provides hope for curbing feline suffering: Cat lovers unite to scratch growth

Workers hope to rescue cat from drain after driver hears animal

Mother Dog Adopts Litter Of Kittens

An active cat is a happy cat: At seminar, pet experts push training

Lola the cat ready for adoption

Cat sanctuary accentuates the positive

Cats seized from Voice of the Animals sanctuary

Meet Grumpy - the nastiest cat on earth

Cat rescued from stadium implosion honored

Months And Miles Later, Lost Cat Comes Home

A cat medic that comes to you

One-time homeless cat wins TV's first-ever 'feline reality show'

Sebastian the Cat Gets 'Grilled'

Undercover Cat Killed In Traffic

Cat adopts baby squirrels

Cat left for dead, nursed back to health

Hemingway home in cat dispute 7/29/06

A cat with two faces beats the odds 7/27/06

Australia - Protest over 'cruel' cat shelter 7/23/06

Family saddened by mistakenly adopted cat 7/3/06

Curious cat caught in concrete 6/21/06

Kits, cats and how to produce 80 million cats 6/21/06

Crazy cat gets offer of safe haven 6/19/06

Cat control called for 6/12/06

Retriever, kitten comprise odd couple 6/6/06


Ellis Picked To Represent CAT In Feline Reality Show 5/25/06


Owner of attack cat Lewis opts for trial instead of euthanizing 5/24/06


Rhode Island to order cat owners to spay, neuter 5/24/06


City Plans To Scratch Stray Cat Issue 5/20/06


Maryland Cat Survives Three Months Inside Wall 5/19/06

Animal Village Expands, Offers Freedom For Stray Cats

Local Feline Will Star In First Cat Reality Show 5/17/06

Microchip lets officials return cat missing 10 years


Cat Stuck In Wall Finally Crawls Out 5/3/06


Lewis the Cat gains support online 5/2/06


Woman who was facing cat abuse charges dies


Pa. cat nurses rejected pug puppy 4/21/06


Neighbors Rally To Save Trapped Cat 4/12/06


Iowa - Council Bluffs employee favors cat leash law


Canada - After a long fight, a cat in a condo is legal 4/6/06


Cat stuck in wall waves paw for help 3/29/06


Crazy Cat With Six Toes Terrorizes Conn. 3/28/06


Shame - St. Joseph Fat Cat Weighs In At 46 Pounds 3/28/06


Cat Survives 80-Foot Fall 3/21/06


'Cat people' gather in Oneida 3/13/06


Felines groomed to make points with judges at Foothills cat show 3/5/06


Cat owners ordered to keep pets indoors 3/2/06


Shelter caring for black cat found covered in white paint 2/17/06

Cat Comforts Grieving Orangutan at
Zoo 3/9/06
'Miracle' the cat gets new home 2/8/06
Captured Cougar Going To Large
Cat Shelter
9th Life Hawaii's first mass
spay/neuter clinic fixes 40 felines 2/3/06
Two-Legged Cat Disappears From
Vet's Office 1/12/06
Owner defends one-eyed kitten photo


One-Eyed Cat Had Medical Condition 1/10/06


Cat stuck in tree for 5 days rescued 1/7/06


Cat OK After Traveling 70 Miles Under SUV 1/3/06


'Cat Lady' Pleads Guilty 12/15/05


Runaway cat who went to France coming home 11/30/05


Hidden feline takes the biscuit 12/1/05


Cat back home after three-week adventure 10/30/05


Dr. Jennifer Conrad discusses why not to declaw

Picture this: 'Cat Colony' 7/25/05

Cat ringing up the fines 7/15/05

Cat Population Exploding 7/24/05

Up a tree - intentionally 10/11/05


Cats proving too much for local animal shelters 10/8/05


Shawn Messonnier: Cats don't really need carbohydrates 9/19/05


Miracle kitten truly blessed with nine lives

Captain Paul Watson

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Katrina Rescue/.mov

Katrina Rescue 2

L.A. Fur Protest/.mov

Noble Paws

Rabbit Rescue/.mov

Skunk Rescue/.mov

Whale Rescue

Why not to declaw

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