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7-Foot Great Dane Is World's Tallest Dog...


Animal lovers following plight of dogs


Daily Dog Walks Work Off The Pounds


Dogs Meeting Up Online


Houston Rockets owner releases DVD about, and for, dogs


Dog Welcomes Squirrel Into Litter of Pups


Vets find dog flu cases are exaggerated


When greyhound track closes, hundreds of dogs need adoption


Doggie-Dining Fight Continues In Orlando


Study: Dog walking better than dieting


Woman sues animal shelter after pet dog dies


America gripped by deadly dog flu that has left pet-lovers in fear


Police Seize 100 Dogs From Breeder Accused Of Animal Cruelty 


Show dogs rescued after 13 days lost in wilderness

Mysterious Canine Illnesses Tracked To Horses

Maligned wild dogs make modest comeback in Africa


Lucky dog survives after swallowing 13-inch knife


Dog sterilization fight heats up in Sanford


Dog breeder must have mental exam


Orlando Pastor Opens Dog-Friendly Church


Pet Owner Says Dog Nearly Choked On Popular Pet Treat


Jailbreak was attempt to save dog from pound


Sheba the Wonder Dog Part II


Family Wants Their Dog Back


ASPCA calls for dog owner's arrest:

'Ugliest' Dog Is a Thing of Beauty to His Owner  8/20/05


South Salem dog gets hip to pain-free lifestyle


Half of seized greyhounds relocated 7/24/05


Utah Man Goes For Dog-Walking Record

Dog's deafness not an obstacle

Purina tries to sell dog owners on litter

Noted dog breeder admits secret deals at Iowa track 7/31/05

Friendly Labradors reign as most popular dog in Stamford 7/31/05

Panel OKs dog park 7/22/05

Dog raises $10,000 for March of Dimes

Dog keeps rattlesnake from striking owner - Vet allows HERO DOG to die

Chicago rates No. 1 for dogs

Stray dog bounty unleashes fraudsters

Growls over new dog wash

Tough Dog Eludes Capture In Connecticut

Dog Killed by Firecracker

Hairless Pooch Wins Ugly Dog Contest 7/1/05

Personality-plus Artie was destined to be a therapy dog

Animal Doctor: Choosing the right dog for Alzheimer's sufferer 6/25/05

Dog adopts Siberian tiger cubs

Dog Rescued from Mine Shaft 6/23/05

'Miracle Dog' Who Survived Gas Chamber to Visit Chicago on Book Tour 6/16/05

How much pampering does your pooch really need? y

Bobby dazzler saved my life 6/18/05

Dogs help heal in China 6/1/05


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Katrina Rescue 2

L.A. Fur Protest/.mov

Rabbit Rescue/.mov

Skunk Rescue/.mov

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