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Study Reveals Why Some Dogs Are So Small 4/5/07


Humane Society: 'Faux fur' often dog hair 2/8/07


Therapy Dogs Help Kids Read 2/3/07


Cyprus - Dogs get own beach on holiday island 2/1/07


Dog Reunites With Family After 6 Years 1/28/07

Puppies used in prison rehab 1/19/07

Florida Family Dog Missing Since 2004 Resurfaces Near Chicago 12/16/06

To boldly go where few dogs have gone before 12/14/06

China - Cities move to curtail dog problems 12/12/06

Chinese Officials Defend Dog Crackdown 12/11/06

St. Paul Woman Hires Famed Pet Sleuths To Find Dog 12/11/06

Animal Lover Must Give Away Dogs 12/8/06


Irish Animal Charity Reports 50% Increase in Abandoned Dogs 12/1/06

South Korea - Dogs killed in bird flu alert 11/28/06

Rescued dogs taxing humane society resources


School Turning To Canine Assistance To Help Students Read 11/20/06

Chinese Hide Dogs to Escape Crackdown 11/15/06

Dog Owners Beware Of Pet Thieves, Warn Police 11/15/06

Katrina Dog Loose In Portland 11/15/06

Florida woman fights to keep dog in barber shop 11/14/06

Chinese Official: Dog-Owners' Claims Untrue 11/14/06


Medical use of dogs at Wisconsin college protested 11/13/06

Beijing Issues 1 Dog Per Family Rule 11/8/06


Beijing starts campaign to remove stray dogs from streets 10/26/06


China - Dogs bark against tomb robbers in Shaanxi


Prehistoric bird that could have swallowed a dog whole


Miracle dog has a new set of wheels


Tennessee - Community pitches in to help injured canine


Ohio - Dog's tale of woe nets 20,000 to cover surgery


Greyhound Care Taker Denies Allegations


Dog stolen in front of Los Angeles Restaurant


Some Facts About Chaining or Tethering Dogs

Wisconsin - Board readying rules for use of animals to train hunting dogs

Mother Dog Adopts Litter Of Kittens

Chicago - Cop's dead dog triggered pound probe

Mummified dogs uncovered in Peru

Dogs At Work Paying Off

Westminster, MA - Dog, unofficial 'town mascot' passes away

UK - Second dog slaughterhouse found in Britain

UK - Greyhound sanctuary 'targeted by activists'

One Year Later, Lost Dog Returned

Austrians Urged to Count Dog Droppings

Barbara Walters Says Her Dog Talked to Her

Case Involving California Show Dog Is Resolved

Claudia Schiffer's dogs draw complaints

Katrina Evacuee Is Reunited With His Beloved Dog

Portland named most dog-friendly city in U.S.

Experts Say First Reaction Key in Handling Dog Attacks

'I Don't Want Another Family To Go Through This With Their Dog'

San Diego named among nation's most dog-friendly cities 

Portland - Humane Society helps 10,000th Second Chance dog

Arkansas - Residents Concerned For Dogs Welfare

Dog's driving lesson ends in crash

Every dog has its day care

Dining dogs not allowed at Houston restaurants

Seized dogs' plight draws pet lovers to adoption

Kansas Dog Found in Colorado

Sadie, the Miracle Dog, returns to health

Missing dog back home again in Indiana

Pets believed stolen for dog fighting

Sophie's tale: A dog's long road from Katrina

Animal Advocates: Dog Breed Bans Don't Work

Dealing With Vicious Dogs On A Daily Basis

Maury County Public Library hosts canine reading program

Dog lover: Pets stay or I go

Dog training program too successful to scrap

When Cesar Millan barks, dogs listen

Dog killings outrage Chinese pet owners

U.S. animal protection group offers China US$100,000 to stop mass dog slaughters

Reward set for homeless man's lost dog

Dogs Sold For Animal Testing?

Shame - Dog Meat Popular With N. Korean Women

Killing of Chinese dogs prompts anguish, relief

Microchip mishap with Valley dog

Pa. family returns canine Katrina survivor to New Orleans family

Boy granted wish for a canine companion

Portsmouth dog answers Hollywood's call

Hundreds of dogs seized from kennel

Another mass dog killing ordered in China

'Vicious' Seeing-Eye Dog Must Wear Muzzle


Dog parks have fur flying in some cities


Fatal mauling shows dangers of wolf-dog hybrids


Donations Buy Dream Dog For Autistic Child In N.C.

S. Korea's dogs find new champions

Don't Forget Your Dog In This Heat!

Otter Attacks Dog; Owners Dives In For Rescue

 Waco, TX - Loose dogs pose big problems for mail carriers

Elusive dog in search of good home

Dogs In Animal Shelter Panting For Relief

Shame - Chinese county massacres 50,000 dogs

Dozens of dogs get $10 baths in Fort Lauderdale to aid disabled owners

 The Dog Whisperer's Magic Touch

Australia - Animal welfare group fears dog dumping on the rise

Celebrated dog trainer, controversial methods

Dog rescuer's trouble grows

Ireland - Dogs can die as owners shop

Dog Missing For 2 Years Heads Back Home

When dog disputes turn ugly

Group: Ban chaining of dogs continuously

Man survives run-in with falling dog

SPCA to take most of 271 dogs seized in raid

Dog Whisperer Tames the Canine Beast

Accused Drug Trafficker Asks That 48 Dogs Be Returned

Stealing dogs

Huh - Objections raised to dog tethering bill

Microchipping could be required for Chicago dogs

UK - Five Dogs Die After Being Left In Cars

Young dog stable after leash imbedded in neck removed

New Bow-Lingual gizmo translates dog 'speak'

Yuma officials nab elusive dog after 5 years on lam

Dog Not Dead When Placed in Crematorium

Owner: Dog Trainer 'Exorcised' Pet To Death


Amazing - Talking to dogs through sign language


Program pairs up inmates and dogs

Blind, deaf dog finds a home

Rangers collar lax dog owners

Dog's tag helps officer get missing tot back home

Animal control officers' training questioned following use of tranquilizer darts on dogs

Pelican Bay Dog And Owner Reunited

Girl and pet dog share same cancer ordeal

School Allows Boy To Bring Service Dog To Class

Students await return of lost dog

Lost Dog Takes Incredible Journey Home

Dog adopted after storm returning to New Orleans family

Lost Dog Finds His Way Home

Durham Officials Tell Woman To Remove Signs For Missing Dog

Dog Running For Governor In Alaska

Canines teach children safety

Canines poised to out-donor owners

Hurricane Katrina dogs still pouring into KC

Who should own Katrina dog?

Boston's Most Famous Dog at the Copley Plaza Hotel

Dog of the wild going home

Dog Lost For Years Returns To Owners

Families battle for custody of lost Katrina dog

Dogs in Fighting Ring to Be Sold

Custody battle looms over New Orleans dogs

Animal groups unite for Pomeranians in need

Eddie The Dog, Star Of 'Frasier', Dies At 16

Man Attacked In Water Off Miami Beach, Not By Shark But By Dog

Miracle Dog survives run down Spokane River rapids

Louisiana family pleads for their dogs back

Dying dog gets battery-operated heart

Ogden Dog-Food Factory To Install Odor Control

4 Legged Freak Wins Ugliest Dog Contest

So much for winning ugly - S.J. dog Elwood loses in Calif.

Vet helps treat dogs with cancer

3-legged dog doesn't bother feeling sorry for herself

Marathon dog helps raise money for cancer

Missing dog sparks yearlong search

Summer Heat Endangers Dogs Left in Cars

Dog breeder: Humane Society acted unfairly

Doctor who gave CPR to dog now a mini-celebrity

The Animal Connection: DOC saves dogs' lives

Who will rescue the rescue dog?

North Carolina - 'Vicious dog' is defined in new proposal

New dogs learn old tricks -- in Dutch

Dogs can no longer be chained in the city

Dogs still affected by Hurricane Katrina

Dog Food Marketed By Wal-Mart Recalled

Raleigh mayor cuts the leash on the city's second dog park

San Francisco Considers Regulating Dog Walkers

Canines show Olympic spirit by eating food, licking faces

Proper training is key to preventing dog bites

Police: Woman Hits Dog Breeder With Dead Puppy

Retriever, kitten comprise odd couple

NN Animal Control: Tethering pet dogs is dangerous

Austin, TX - At dog parks the people should be wearing the muzzles

ANIMAL DOCTOR: Diabetic dog needs another solution

Abandoned boy to be reunited with dog in foster home

Boston - Floods Leave Dozens Of Dogs Homeless

The newest diet craze goes to the dogs!

UK - My battle with dog snatcher

Neglected, Chained Dogs Need Help From Animal Cruelty

The Raw Versus Processed Dog Food Debate

Dogs to be allowed in Florida restaurants' outdoor areas


Ordinance would encourage dog owners to microchip pets


Man Frees Puppy From Gator's Jaws


Officials backtrack on deer-hunting dogs


Dallas dog's favorite hangout: Roof! Roof!


Spokane, WA - Stateline rest area may go to the dogs


Chicago - New Evidence Found In Apparent Dog Fighting Ring


Boulder, Colorado To Change Rules For Dogs To Run Free


12-Year-Old Heartbroken After Burglars Steal Family Dog

Chicago might require microchip IDs for dogs

Even "good" dogs may bite; kids at highest risk

Postal Carriers Call Attention To Dog Bites

Houston leads nation in letter carrier dog bites

Meter Readers Ask Residents To Reign In Aggressive Dogs

Miami Man Needs Help Running Dog Shelter

Paramedics refuse to transport a guide dog with its owner


Device Helps Utility Workers Thwart Dog Attacks


Pennsylvania Governor Rendell Fires Dog Board; Puppy Mill Rally Held


Underground World of Dog Fighting


State dog proposed


Small dogs to get their own playground

Behind bars, training dogs that bring freedom

Houston gets low marks on dog-scooping survey

Norwegian town plans curfew for yelping dogs

Rare Dogs Found Tied To A West Tulsa Fence

Arkansas - Family Offers 5,000 For Info About Poisoned Dogs

Dogs Heal Hearts

Berkeley dog park picked best in Calif.

Denmark - Dog eating scandal rocks royals

Most Dogs Will Have To Be Neutered In Unincorporated LA Areas

Dog Beater Gets Three Years In Prison

Teaching your dogs new tricks

Guess Who Enjoys A Good Laugh

Dog owners can learn new tricks to train puppies

? - Dog owner's wishes ignored by animal shelter; Schnauzer survives ...

Animal trainer utilizes clicker training to reshape dogs' habits

Puppy smuggling draws protests

Hannah named 'Most Beautiful Bulldog'

World's First Cloned Dog Celebrates Birthday

Fort Woof named top US dog park

Stray dog story has happy ending

A happy ending for dog family, more advantages of animal fostering

Turkey's stray dog abuses anger activists

Mouth hygiene going to the dogs

Dogs Donate Blood

Dogs for the Deaf program helps local woman

Abandoned dog gets a home

Chained cruelty

City ordinance to limit tethering of dogs

Montana - Governor's dog works the room

Dogs dispatched to comfort ill children

SHAME - Dog, cat fur 'flooding' markets

Handful of heroes finds ‘Ghost’

More smuggled puppies found at border

ANIMAL DOCTOR New dogs must be introduced carefully

Humane society dogs trained by jail inmates

Dog Alerts Family Of Deadly Carbon Monoxide Levels In Home

Protesters seek accountability in dog racing industry

Value of a Dog

Strangers Help Save Dog

Specialists on canine dentistry and grooming

Dog caught after 2 years on the lam

Dog safe after 3 days stuck in pipe

Vienna - 136k reward for finding dog

Mother, son nabbed in dogfighting probe

Family Gets Dog Back After Nearly 5 Years

Waco - Think twice before chaining your pooch outside this summer

New York fashion goes to the dogs

Celebrity dog being held for ransom

Animal advocates make plug for microchipping local pooches

Update - Dog that escaped from Beach Animal Control is captured

Dog being held in attack escapes Virginia Beach kennel

A storied dog has his day

Canine 'gentle giants' find a haven in Hamburg Twp.

Happy Homecoming For Dog Found Living In Squalor

Pug Lovers Unite Over Internet to Save Dog

Private Dog Parks: Can Be The Safe Choice

Missing dog mystery consumes New Yorkers


Man infects dog: Owners may pass superbugs to pets


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