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Click for video of anti-fur protest Extreme Animal Rights News

mp3 - 'Don't Kill the Animals' by Nina Hagen & Lene Lovich

Authorities probe attempted firebombing of UCLA researcher's car


UK Raid Nets 30 Suspected Animal Rights Extremists


Animal extremist law bolstered


Santa Monica police, FBI raid homes in probe of Animal Liberation Front


House OKs bill aimed at animal activists


Utah - Animal Activists Target Scientists


Animal rights group protests at homes - Several Huntsman Corp. executives' houses are targeted


Police investigate theft of rabbits from research Hardwick lab


'Brilliant' cancer scientist had double life as animal rights saboteur


More Animal Rights Activists Sentenced to Prison


Analysis: Pharma Sees Win in Animal Rights Prison Sentences


Feinstein pushes tough penalties for animal rights violence


UK - Deer Freed During Attack on Farm


Animal welfare activists to be sentenced


UCLA - Fighting Back Against Extremists


FBI expects rewards to bring new leads in UCLA animal research attack


UK - ALF bomber faces jail after admitting arson bids


Grand Jury Resister & Animal Advocate Nadia Winstead


Rescue Roundtable presents Shannon Keith

Analysis: Extremist Web sites alarm pharma

Activists: Scientist stops animal studies

Animal-rights activist charged with possession feathers of protected birds

UK - Drop in animal rights activist attacks

Reward Offered For Info On Attempted Firebombing

FBI: Animal Group Leaves 'Molotov Cocktail' At Wrong House

Police Assault Protesters in Oxford Animal Demo.

UK - Glaxo takes legal action against animal rights extremists

Animal rights activists plan to export violence

Animal extremists can no longer hide behind a web of secrecy

Blair condemns animal rights extremists

UK - GlaxoSmithKline shareholders seek anonymity after animal rights moves

Oxford seeks animal protests ban

Protest - WAR Delivers a Message to Pfizer Executives

UK - Blair condemns animal extremists

FACTBOX-UK's most extreme animal rights protests

UK - Fighting back against animal-rights bullies


UK - Animal rights group switches attack to private investors


UK - Pensioner's body stolen by animal rights group is found


UK - ANIMAL rights extremists have vowed to continue a campaign


Fourth animal activist admits fear campaign


University seeks to ban animal rights activists from 'whole of Oxford'


Animal rights protesters face 12 years over grave robbery plot


Police 'stop bombing by animal rights man'


Scotland - Attack threat from animal extremists


Conviction of six animal rights activists: a blow to free speech


U.S. terror hunt targets Animal Activists


Oxford University wins injunction against animal rights extremists


Crackdown on animal-rights activists

Scotland - Animal rights fanatics threaten to target Scottish Enterprise


Animal rights activists target Oxford reunion venues


Farm Groups Join in Fight Against Animal Terrorism


Animal rights link to Oxford murder?


FBI issues reward for wanted animal rights activist


UK - Animal rights extremists wage new terror war


Animal-rights militant indicted


Animal Rights Activist Tells Senate Hearing: Murder is Justified to Save Lab Animals


UK - Animal extremists face traveling ban


Man refuses to testify in animal rights case


UK - Animal rights 'terrorists' warned


Animal rights group threatens builders over new Oxford labs


Workers sent threatening letters 


Elle McPherson tries to escape contract to promote fur


Charge under animal research law 


Animal extremists 'more violent'


Animal rights activists target chain of children's nurseries


Firm wins court ban on animal rights protests


BIO Statement on NYSE Response to Animal Rights Extremists


Animal rights protesters mark Guinea pig farm 'victory'


Animal activists target workers


Britain uses hate law to ban animal rights campaigner


Animal activists in terror threat against zoo


How animal rights groups destroyed my family's life


Resist animal rights extremism, top scientists urge


Animal Rights Extremists Pressure Britain

British farm halts guinea pig breeding after animal rights campaign


Animal rights activists protest plans for research facility

Animal rights extremists still in business

Prosecutors drop extortion charges against animal-rights activist 7/23/05

US animal rights fanatic in Britain vows to break law 7/17/05

Family in hiding after animal extremist threats

Animal rights activist faces longer sentence

Animal-rights blow for drugs firm

Attacks on animal research labs bring economic and human costs


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