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Katrina Animal News

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AKC CAR Canine Support and Relief Fund

 ASPCA Disaster Relief Fund

Best Friends Hurricane Relief

 International Fund for Animal Welfare


NSALA Hurricane Rescue

Pet Finder Updates and Links

The Humane Society of the United States

Dog who survived Katrina rescued again after mine-shaft fall

Katrina Dog Loose In Portland

Katrina Pet Lawsuits

Dog Lost During Katrina Is Center of Custody Battle

Couple Sees Rescued Dog in Katrina Video

Hundreds of pets homeless in New Orleans a year after Katrina

Sophie's tale: A dog's long road from Katrina

A year after Katrina, changes lead to better pet rescue efforts

Dogs Rescued Post-Katrina Create Legal Dispute

Pa. family returns canine Katrina survivor to New Orleans family

Lesson from Katrina: Your pet's life is in your hands

Dog adopted after storm returning to New Orleans family

Lost and hurt after Katrina, horse makes it back for competition

Hurricane Katrina dogs still pouring into KC

Who should own Katrina dog?

HSUS Protest.  Let Us Review....

by The Barbi Twins, founders, The Kitty Liberation Front


presents Katrina Rescuers from Los Angeles







 Animal Rescuers Asking Public To Take In Katrina Pets


Animal rescuers deserve applause


Rift evident among N.O. animal rescuers


Area woman helps Katrina-ravaged animals


Oregon Humane Society Animal Rescue Team Travels 2743 Miles


Animal rescue teams sent to storm areas


 Katrina Rescue Lends a Paw to Help Children With Disabilities


Marion's animal rescuers find pets in Katrina's high water


Animal rescuers return from Gulf with homeless pets


Waterloo man helps rescue stray, abandoned animals in New Orleans


Pet rescuer seeks custody of hurricane Katrina dogs


Animal activists: Pet rescue efforts coming too late


3 back from Gulf, animal mission


Animal rescuer glad to return home to Billings


Trapped Pets Still Being Rescued

Rescue group finds pet dogs tied, shot in St. Bernard school


Animal rescuers back from Gulf Coast

Despite Friction, Animal Rescue Groups Claim Success


Volunteers descend on N.O. to evacuate animal population


Would-be pet volunteers, hang tight for now




'Therapy' dogs bring cheer to Katrina victims

Hurricane Animal Funds & Use

Katrina Animal Rescue Resources

Judge: 'Katrina Dogs' to Get New Homes

Rescued pets find new homes online

Hurricane Rita Threatens Lives of Thousands of Homeless Animals Held in Unsafe Staging Areas Along Gulf Coast in Wake of Katrina

Disaster is a nightmare come to life for Katrina animals

Katrina Animal Shelter Opens In Ocala

Lost animals find shelter

Woman helps Katrina's animal victims

Animals another component in need of hurricane relief

Animal Rescue Tangled by Red Tape

Animal lovers reach out to four-legged victims

Plight of stranded animals worsening daily

Teams scramble to save Katrina's animal victims

Stranded Pets In The Gulf Forcing Area Animal Services Into Action

New Orleans zoo animals survive Katrina's wrath 

Houston's raining cats and dogs in Katrina's wake

Situation Report: Hurricane Katrina

Animal Planet Explores the Heroic Efforts to Save Animals from Hurricane Katrina 

Veterinarians Go To New Orleans To Help Rescue Animals

Four months later, dogs displaced by Hurricane Katrina to head home

Animal Relief Workers See Puppy Boom After Katrina

Cat left homeless by Katrina finds a loving owner

Animal Katrina Survivors Need New Homes

Helping Katrina's animal victims

Lonely elephants, edgy apes baffled by post-Katrina life at zoo

Katrina's canine victims get new leash on life

The need continues to care for the hurricane's animal victims

Veterinary team cares for Katrina victims' pets and livestock

Dogs, cats even gerbils and parrots get going

Katrina Animal Rescue Footage wanted for display - contact

'Unimaginable' conditions exist for Katrina's animal ...

Time running out for pets abandoned in Hurricane Katrina

Gulf Coast pets need help

Best Friends Animal Society Enters St. Bernard Parish

Birds need help too

Petfinder Launches Emergency Response Network

Blood banks help animal victims of Katrina

Pasado Hurricane Rescue

VCA Animal Hospitals Offer Expanded Hope

Sad Story of Little Boy and His Dog Grips Country

Pet owners refusing to leave homes

New Orleans aquarium restocking after huge hurricane losses

'Katrina' Dolphins to Go to Bahamas

New Mexico Adopts Dogs Displaced By Katrina

Hurricane dog's case heads to court

PETCO Installs Kiosks in New Orleans Area Stores to Aid Pet Searches

Saving Katrina's other victims

Doberman mix survives Katrina, has puppies

'Armed' Dolphins may be Missing in Gulf...

Lost pets still dog volunteers

Eric Rice's Katrina Animal Rescue Blog

Katrina animal victims arrive at Los Angeles

Former Racine store to house 250 animals from New Orleans

Craigslist - New Orleans

Hoosiers Adopting Animals Rescued from Hurricane Stricken Areas

Katrina rescue effort begins for dolphins

Dolphins Missing After Katrina Found

Animal lovers look to save Katrina pets

Pet bird survives amid ruins of hurricane-hit house

You can hear dogs barking for miles...

Animals Rescued Along Gulf Coast

Feral animals roam Biloxi, Miss., streets while animal hospitals ...

Westminster Remembers Katrina's Lost Dogs


Katrina Animal Rescue Footage wanted for display - contact


Anti-Fur Protest Videos

Click for Peta anti-fur protest videoClick for Last Chance for Animals anti-fur protest video

2 videos - Peta and Last Chance for Animals

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a Million Paws of Hope

The Nature of Wildworks

Tara the Red Tailed Hawk PSA

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