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CA Assemblyman Levine

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Legal News - Legislation

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Oakland, CA - Two new dog laws take effect in 2007

AB 1634 Backtrack on Bogus Statistics?


California - New law makes it illegal to tether pets for long periods


UK - Dog control laws and pit bulls


Animal extremist law bolstered


New Ohio law allows trust funds for pets


Animal protection laws have no teeth


Series of Laws Toughen Animal Protection in California


California - New Law Limits Time Dogs Can Be Tethered


Governor Schwarzenegger Signs Legislation to Outlaw Inhumane Dog Tethering


Declawing Banned nationwide under Animal Welfare act


Iowa Supreme Court Rules Against Dog Owners


House votes to ban horse slaughter


Feinstein pushes tough penalties for animal rights violence


Working hard for legislation to ensure our pets are protected


New Law: No Dogs on Chains


Feds to increase Calif. no-fishing zones


Louisville, KY - Critics Have Problems With Proposed Dangerous Dog Ordinance


CA - Animal rights groups push bill that would limit tethering of dogs


UAN Lauds Senate for Passing Animal Disaster Bill; PETS Act Makes Animals Part of Emergency Planning


House OKs polar bear protection treaty


Law on Animal Husbandry to take effect in China on July 1st


Hawaii - 2 animal rights laws signed on pet holiday


South Carolina - Governor signs tougher animal fighting legislation


Oklahoma - Governor Signs Bill Targeting Animal Abuse


Dogs move up food chain at restaurants as governor signs law


UK - Council bans animal-tested items


Uganda to pass animal prevention act


New Law To Punish Animal Rights Terrorism


South Carolina - House committee passes bill against animal fighting


Mississippi - Governor signs animal cruelty bills into law


Santa Clara Co. supervisors add 'guardian' to 'pet owner' term


Bill would prohibit wild-animal feeding


Kansas Governor Sebelius Signs Animal Cruelty Laws


Kentucky - Legislature OKs Ban on Animal Hunting by Web


Maine Domestic Violence Law Helps Protect Pets


Kentucky House Bans Internet Hunting


Illinois - House OKs bill to neuter dogs of drug suspects


Illinois - Lawmakers Approve Bill Cracking Down On Dogfights


Arizona - Senate OKs expansion of hunter-harassment law


New York - Bill would allow taxpayers to donate to animal shelters


Animal Lover Elated Over Passage Of Kan. Bill


Maine - Baldacci signs into law pet-protection bill


A Senate Committee Passes Dining with Dogs Bill


Kansas - House passes animal cruelty bill


KY House Passes Bill To Prevent Fraud In Horse Sales


Va. Senate Passes Dangerous Dog Bills


Southampton passes animal trap ban


Idaho - Senate passes animal cruelty legislation


Kansas - Animal cruelty bill passes Senate

Legislators seek to ban hog-dog fights


Legislature Considers Bills to Regulate Exotic Pets


Ordinance Proposes Allowing Dogs In Restaurants


Baltimore - Lawmaker Aims To Close Animal Law Loophole


Utah - House Passes Animal Cruelty Proposal


Senate approves animal shelter conditions bill


New Maine Law Shields Animals in Domestic Violence Cases


Kansas - Senate Panel Takes No Action On Animal Abuse Bill


Mississippi State Senate Pass New Animal Cruelty Bill


N.Y. State Assembly Republican Leader James Tedisco proposes Buster’s Bill II


Law students seek to improve D.C. animal laws


New law halves UK animal extremist attacks


UK - Animal law will give pets their own 'bill of rights'


Louisiana Court Upholds Cockfighting Ban


Animal Cruelty Bill Moves Forward In Utah


Rome’s pet monitors on prowl to uphold animal rights bill


Animal Declawing Ban Overturned in W. Hollywood

Amendment aims to prevent the slaughter of horses

Rome bans goldfish bowls, citing cruelty


Lawmakers to Protect France's Foie Gras


Children to be banned from buying pets under new Bill Animal protection


Bill H.R. 817 intended to deter illegal animal fighting


Bill would require animal evacuation plans


Pets Evacuation & Transportation Standards Act (PETS Act, H.R. 3858)


Feds reduce protected bird habitat


Bill Would Require Safety Plans for Pets


Little love shown for animal bills


Congress Mulls Changes to Endangered Species Act 

Senator Proposes Strengthening Animal Cruelty Laws

Oakland Mandates Dog Microchips

Lawsuit says feds erred in allowing wolf kills

Dog gone goal of lawmaker

Bill to change dog laws introduced in Senate

Lawmaker eyes boy's dog seat belt idea

Should Iowa's Animal Torture Law Be Stiffer?

Parliament moves to improve animal rights

Tougher animal cruelty laws in Australia 6/24/05


Pols push stiffer animal cruelty law 6/14/05

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