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Animal News


CA Assemblyman Levine

Animal News

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Los Angeles DA appoints animal cruelty prosecutor to crack down on abusers


Kentucky lawmakers consider ban on horse slaughter


Court Reprimands New Delhi Over Monkeys


Dog Groomer Faces Animal Cruelty Counts


Oregon - Woman faces 257 charges of animal neglect


Woman Banned From Breeding, Selling Animals


Federal: Urge Your Representative to Oppose the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act!


The American Enterprise Terrorism Act and the HSUS


North Carolina - Authorities considering possible charges at Animalogic


Urban wildlife / Ordinance proposed with fines for feeding the animals


Albuquerque animal ordinance draws critics from surrounding towns


McCain backs ban on slaughter of horses


Nevada delegations backs House vote to ban horse slaughter


Was Noah's Ark seizure legal?


L.A. County Dog Ordinance Deadline Extended


Animal abuse trial for police chief delayed


Los Angeles County Spay-Neuter Law Nearing


Pit bulls seized; arrests expected


Dog groups seek to sway legislation


UK - ALF bomber faces jail after admitting arson bids


Feds Charge Dog Trainer in Prison Escape


West Virginia - Warrant out for one accused of animal abuse


Los Angeles County Waiver of Animal Shelter’s Licensing Obligation Illegal


Judge's Dog Found Dead At Shelter


Animal rights activists criticize Nevada judge in muskrat case


Animal rescue foster parent charged with animal abuse


The Animal Enterprise Protection Act:
Using an obscure law to charge nonviolent activists with terrorism


Animal cop can help probe cruelty cases


Horse slaughter gets congressional hearing


Proposed Illinois law would offer legal protection to pets


Police charge sisters who lived in Cat-infested house with mother's corpse


New Zealand - Judge slams animal 'death camp'


Government Watchers and Humane Workers Eager for Trial in

Landmark Case to Stop California County 's Lawlessness


Martin cat lovers' hackles up over leash law

Animal Rights Trio Jailed For Grandma Attack

Massachusetts to vote on ban on dog racing


States Ban Hunting of Live Animals over the Internet


Judge To Determine Dogs' Guardians


N.Y. Suspect Faces New Bogus-Vet Charges


Daughters of Dead Dover Woman Turn Themselves In


Attorney General sues Pembroke Pines pet shop for 'deceptive' sales of dogs


Los Angeles - Measure Approved To Control Rabbit Population


Southern legislatures banning ‘hog-dog rodeos'


Woman Challenges Anti-Pig Law and Wins


Environmental groups suing to get bird federal protection


Lobbyist: Two helped doom a race-dog bill


Judge ordered to keep his dogs at home


Calif. bill would require evacuation plans for pets, livestock


Species on Endangered List Challenged


Judge says sea lion research violates animal protection laws


Vermont becomes second state to protect pets in abuse cases


Animal Legislative Action Network (ALAN) Supports Barry Groveman...


Herriman woman pleads guilty to neutering neighbor's dog


Houses Votes to Stop Sales of Wild Horses


Oxford seeks animal protests ban


Urge your representative to end animal fighting


Couple gets community service for leaving cat in Everglades


Connecticut Supreme Court Goes to Dogs


Second Teen Charged With Animal Abuse After MySpace Posting


Teens charged with animal abuse after MySpace posting


Animal lover calls for stronger trapping laws


Trapping lawsuit pending over harm to lynx and eagles


Shame - Republican Hunter Revives Island Hunting Plan


Attorneys Siphon Off Half Of Trust Fund Set Up For Poor People, Stray Animals


Officials: Animal Rights Leader Caught On Tape Stealing Donations


Measure Would Make Dog Racing Illegal in Del.


Fur store owner plans to sue the city


Vermont could become second state to offer pet protection orders


Levine, Koretz head Assembly's 'Animal Caucus'
Lisa Peterson, a spokeswoman for the American Kennel Club, who debated Koretz on the ear-cropping issues on Capitol Public Radio last year, said that his bills are part of a larger trend to give "rights" to animals

and demote pet owners to the status of "guardians."
"We view dogs as property," Peterson said.


Florida man sentenced for selling skins of endangered animals


California Congressional candidate Marcy Winograd unleashes her position on Animal welfare


Iowa - Council Bluffs employee favors cat leash law


Egg plant loses bid to suppress animal activist's evidence


Albuquerque, NM - Mayor introduces spay, neuter plan


Judge sorry for saying dogs should be shot


L.A. County Supervisor Candidate Dave Hernandez


Australia - Award-winning wool grower guilty of animal cruelty

Foster Farms Threatens Litigation Against East Bay Animal Advocates


Man pleads no contest to dumping Reggie the media-friendly alligator into Los Angeles lake


Man Fined for Rescuing Puppies


DEA Investigates Oceanside Humane Society


U.S. animal-rights group heading to court after observer permits denied


Animal-lover on judge-hopeful list


Virginia - Legislative Candidate's House Condemned


UNR cited for three minor animal care infractions


Kansas - Neglecting an animal a felony under proposal


Arizona - Proposed state legislation would ban sex with animals


Rendell pledges to amend dog laws


Congressman Faces Fight Over Species Act


Fort Lauderdale moves on law that restricts tying up of animals


Lawmakers may leash big cat owners


Florida Senators View 'Puppy Heartbreak'


Police 'stop bombing by animal rights man'


Man charged with stealing dog from a West Islip pet store


Dog may have been drunk, but police say owner was for sure


Judge's dog helps ease tensions in court


Pit bull owners take on dog laws


Fla. Lawmaker Wants Stronger Penalties For Animal Abusers


US to review treatment of zoo elephants


A Dog At the State of the Union Address


Oxford University wins injunction against animal rights extremists


Idaho ranked as one of worst state's for animal abuse laws


Kentucky ranked top state to be an animal abuser by defense fund


UK - Animal ban for woman who left dogs to starve


Police have suspect; case to grand jury; dog's original name: Rocky


Migrating dogs can be repatriated if caught at sea


Animal group alleges crackdown


Court jumps on kangaroo case


Prosecutor investigating animal-rights group's claims


Edmond Criticizes Animal Waste Bill


Man, 82, Arrested in Scuffle Over Skunk


Police Can Use Dogs in Traffic Stops


Judge May Halt Project to Protect Bird


Archaic dog laws create many challenges for animal warden


'Cat Lady' Pleads Guilty


Animal rights duo guilty in Sabino case


Animal rights group applauds hearing on primate center allegations


6 Arrested Years After Ecoterrorist Acts


City Looks to Change Animal Ownership Regulations


Congress acts to let wounded soldier to keep her on-duty dog


Bureaucratic changes may protect animal victims of future...


AAAS fights pending animal research bill


Audit Says Animal Welfare Officials Lax 


Officers Shocked At Judge's Decision In Animal Cruelty Case


DA wins animal rights award


Judge takes time considering request to drop animal fighting charge


Animal law already gets some howls

Judge Won't Stop Killing of Calif. Pigs

Humane Society praises downed animal legislation


UCSF to pay $92,500 animal-rights settlement


Animal rescuer charged with abandoning kittens in parks


City OKs dog tether limits


City bans feeding any stray animals


Animal Abuse Sentence for 911 Operator


Facility owner cleared in suffocation deaths of 28 dogs


Owner Fighting To Keep Dog Despite Multiple Attacks


Rare white alligator in legal limbo

Marion inmates help unwanted dogs get ‘New Leash on Life’

Public Health Officer Could Face Animal Neglect Charges

County focuses on animal abuse


Arpaio Opens Jail to Dogs


Captain Paul Watson

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