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Military & Police Animal News

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Medical Bills Mount For Sick Search-And-Rescue Dog 11/24/09

Soldiers find loyal comrades in war dogs


Police Horses Need To Train As Well


An animal saver cannot afford to keep pets of deployed troops


9/11 Search-Rescue Dogs Receive MRIs To Check For Toxins


California - State to get Israeli bomb-detecting dogs


Honeybees join the bomb squad


Florence County training dogs for bomb detection


WTC Search Dogs Avoid Illness


San Antonio, TX - Sponsor A Future Bomb-Sniffing Dog


Whitefish Border Patrol dog recovered safely

K-9 Officers Prepare For Dog Competition

Chicago - Cop's dead dog triggered pound probe

Why was police dog slain?

Meet Midge, A 7-Pound Police Dog!

Lehi police training new canine

Los Angeles - Homegrown Dogs Fight Homegrown Bombs

Omaha, NE - Drug Dogs Get Interstate Test

Oops - Police Dog Bites Police Chief

UK - Attracta dog helps FBI to track killer

PoW dog's medal on display

Missing Bomb-Sniffing Police Dog Found Unharmed

Undercover Cat Killed In Traffic

Philadelphia - Chesco gets bomb-sniffing dog

Businesses establish fund to buy police dog

Cadaver dog named for county medical examiner

6-pound police K-9 dog fights crime

Sussex police dog's death ruled accidental

Police seek to buy canine: Funds should be available soon for tool to fight drugs 

Kent Police looking for canine cop candidates

Mounted unit lets horses do talking


Kirtland's military working dogs and handlers have close relationship


Police dog shot to death had violent history of attacking his handler


Dog trained to sniff out endangered turtles


LAPD Breeds Its Own K-9 Dogs

Patrol dog death triggers review

Canines used to test rail security

Authorities Probe Death Of Police Dog Left In Van

Donations help pay for canine unit

Suburban Police Mourn Death Of Police Dog

Students raise money for police dogs

Police canines keep leash on crime

Oklahoma City Police Dog To Get Purple Heart


Police Dog Wins Award


Blitz the police dog reporting for duty


Canine Crime Sweep In Miami


Police Dog Finds over a Quarter-Million Dollars


Oregon State Police Double Drug-Dog Force


Bomb-Sniffing Dogs Patrol Tucson Airport


Dogs adding to northern border security


After six years on the job, Fort Lauderdale Police horse off to green pastures


Cat on the loose at Andrews Air Force Base


New canine team fitting in well for EPD


Canine screener tapped for tribute


Military plans top-notch veterinary center for working dogs

Remembering beloved police dog - Bandit


One of Dracut's finest: 'This dog is absolutely amazing'


Glendale's 1st narcotics dog dies after cancer battle


When police dogs attack


K-9 Dog Passes Away


Zeko, an explosive detection Canine


Cookeville Police canine leader gains top state post


SACS perks ears to plea for police dog


Driggon The Drug Dog


Crocket - Well-known drug dog dies


Bomb sniffer dog in line for animal VC


Bird spurs police dog's fatal leap at All-Star site


Local K-9 Gets Spot In Animal Hall Of Fame


OCPD Uses Dogs To Help Serve And Protect Community


Police Can Use Dogs in Traffic Stops


Officer kills dog he was training in Garden City


Bomb-sniffing dog gets good seat at speech


Portland police's new canine cadet a pup


Animal cops: Fayetteville's four-legged 'officers'


Police dog memorial to be created


Andi the Ohio Police Dog Named in Lawsuit


Wasps Could Replace Bomb, Drug Dogs


UK - Dog cameras to combat crime...


Police dog gave partner a scare


Drug dog donated


Dogs prove assets to police forces


Police raising money to keep horses


Lazy British police dog relieved of duties


Honoring a service dog


Daring rescue saves 5 deputies, 2 police dogs

Currituck drug dog killed in accident

Ballot try makes voters dogs' best friends 8/4/05

Police dog Shilo goes to state canine Olympics

Mercer's only K-9 unit ready to dog the bad guys 7/22/05

PLEASANTON / Police mourn dog that leapt to death 7/20/05

Memorial Fund Set up for Police Dog 7/15/05

Former Officer Sues Colleague Over Police Dog Bite 7/15/05

Owners Upset After Deputy Shoots Dogs, Killing One

Canine program closer to reality

Sheriff's dog is kicked off the force

Officer Mourns Canine Partner's Death

Officers kill suspect who shot police dog

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