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Miscellaneous Animal News

Hawaii saying aloha to more pets – but some rules still apply

Las Vegas - I-Team Investigation: Black Market Dog Breeders

Las Vegas - I-Team Investigation: Black Market Dog Breeders Part II


Mars says sorry for animal products


Dogs - Shelters - Animal Rescues - New Tricks


Florida - VIDEO: Animal Lovers Pitch In After Fire Guts Humane Society


April is Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month


More Pets Sleeping in Bed With Their Owners, Veterinary Pet Insurance Survey Shows


New X-ray Videos Show Animal Skeletons in Motion


Iams, Helen Woodward Animal Center Set World Pet Adoption Record


Man sues cops over seizure of 114 frozen felines & dog


Genuine animal rugs delight some, disgust others

Pakistani groups offer animal sacrifice via Net

Animals Dream in Pictures, Too

Dozens of New Species in Borneo


Climate Change Has Animals Heading for the Hills


Redlands Humane society has been helping critters find homes for more than 100 years


UC-Davis cares for pets that outlive owners

Communicating with Animals: Real Deal or Cash Steal?

CDC attempts to improve animal care

Animal rights group votes HSU second vegetarian friendly campus


oops - Teenaged Bird Hunter Charged For Shooting Deer Hunter

Mating Game: The Really Wild Kingdom

Inmate-Made Dog Houses Up For Bids

Retired Police Detention Officer's Dog Shot To Death By Off-Duty Chicago Officer


"Little Red" Not Heading To Animal Sanctuary

San Antonio, TX - Court appointee inventories conditions at animal refuge

Transient's Animal Was Fatally Shot By Park Police Officer

Group: 'Companion animals' banned

Oregon - Rendering Plant Closing; Fate Of Animal Carcasses Unknown


Animal protection becomes political in Austria


 AAA rating cats and dogs-friendly tourist towns


OAKLAND - Animal workers puzzled by dead llama on street


Michigan - Farm animal rules have some people crying fowl


West Virginia - Overpopulation leads to animal abuse


Mystery Monster Dogs Maine

Bullfighting Faces Uphill Battle for Audiences and Relevance in Spain

Rare White Buffalo Born To Wis. Farm For 3rd Time

Pennsylvania - New Details On Dog Shot & Killed By Game Officer

Dead Animals Left in Dump Truck for Days

Malta - Foundation to ensure animal protection

Big Cat Rescue

In the market for a new pet? Consider an adult animal

National, international animal groups weigh in on abuse scandal

Even the Simplest Creatures Favor Family


St. John's, Canada - Mayor won't apologize to animal rescue group


No excuse for Sentinel to stand for animal abuse


Animal abuse: Beyond the happy endings

Raccoons kill 10 cats, attack dog, frighten owners in Olympia

Woman provides animals safe haven

Somali Islamists ban animal trade

In the market for a new pet? Consider an adult animal


Sanctuary Owner Says Animals May Have To Be Euthanized


Collier County Adopts New Microchipping Policy


Expert: 'Hybrid' Creature Is Just a Dog

Exhibit Eyes Record for 2-Headed Animals

Animal kingdom that knows no bounds

Animal Advocates storm D.C.


Exotic animal training techniques prove their worth at home


Prison program gives abused animals new lease on life


Animal Doctor - Is Boric acid a safe way to eliminate fleas ?


A No Brainer: Predators Prefer Dimwitted Prey


Developer says he'll reopen SW Missouri animal park


Encounters with rabid animals don't always demand rabies tests


Philippine Animal rights activist flying to Beirut to save abandoned pets


Animal Samaritans vehicle vandalized for second time


Special-Needs Children Respond Favorably to Animal-based Therapy Program


ASPCA searching for extraordinary animals, owners and animal advocates

A lifeline for pets: Animal Ambulance provides critical care


New Rules Established For Animal Exhibitions In N.C.


Animal activist hits the road to raise money


Agencies looking for caring, dedicated foster pet parents


Animal lover isn't fond of county's pet limit

Researchers find hunting can increase severity of wildlife disease ...


Meerkats are good animal teachers: study

Fugitive Otter back behind bars after a month on the run

Namibian Seal cull is 'genocide'

Shame - Explosive Gas To Kill Prairie Dogs Discussed By DOW

Follow these tips to rescue strays

Venture Capitalists Pledge $10 Million to Save Tigers

 Pets take center stage in many divorce cases

Peggy Adams animal group called cash cow

Austin, TX - Activists claim animal abuse downtown

Animals Returned to Susquehanna County Couple

Speeding through parks can have bloody consequences


Cape teen to spend two weeks in dog house

Farmers try to preserve dwindling breeds

Common Yard Plant Deadly to Humans and Animals

Journeys: What's the Thread Count on My Dog's...


Animal Rescue Group Needs Help To Rebuild


Seattle - 'Critter bridges' will benefit humans, animals

Volunteers save animals from death

Two animal caretakers at the NADC said they were threatened

Pet Cemetery to Dig Up 1,000 Animals


Exotic animal school the focus of new book

Chemicals harming polar bears, belugas, seals: WWF

We've Heard of 'Service Dogs,' but 'Service Ducks??'

13 Steps to Finding Pet-Friendly Rental Housing


Retired FSU Professor Captures a 'Living Fossil' on Video


Animal Profiling International moves to Portland


From elephants to primates, head animal keeper enjoys job


Activists Say Penalties For Animal Abuse Aren't Enough


Spain cracks down on animal cruelty


National Group Protests Prairie Dog Shoot

Pampering pets for profit

Afghan donkey bomb plot foiled


Number of pet insurance users increases — but is it worth it?

World's leggiest animal marches out of the past

British group scolds Serbia animal killing

Seattle, WA - King County Council Strengthens Animal Cruelty Crackdown

Animal lawyers turn to Web for pet adoption

Leaving pets in the car is a crime


Ethiopia: Illicit Animal Trade Costs Country $100 Million Per Year


Who says that animals don't experience pleasure?


Wisconsin officials seize 19 wolf-dog hybrids


Doña Ana County relocating 100 animals found on priest's property


Animal Advocates: Video Shows Abuse At Rodeos


IRAQ: Local officials urge government to curb animal smuggling


Team trains for large-animal rescues


'Animal 911': Pet owners explore service


Bermuda - Environment Ministry grants permission for animal show


Tijuana clinic rescues animals, sets adoptions

 Humane Society hosts annual plant sale

Human-animal encounters increase with development

'Billy goat' escapes from animal control officers

Tracks and road kill tally reveal animal migrations

Pakistanis not animal-friendly, says President Musharraf

Oregon Dairies Turn Animal Waste Into A Natural Resource

Supermarket donates unwanted food to animal sanctuary

Animals thrive in Cold War zone


Pets as family: The changing human-animal bond


Qatar - Animal rights group in plea to shun fresh meat


Teenagers are being desensitised to images of violence


Protect your pets from criminals


Love for animals leads to opportunity

Cities urged to adopt pet population controls


Killing animals for profit


Illegal Animal Trade a Bird-Flu Concern


Biggest animal of all time gets huge reaction

Buyout plan for wild animal sanctuary falls through

Animal-rights activist denies breaking into egg farm

Abuse investigation angers animal lover

Rare Coffee Made From Wild Animal Droppings

US animal group highlights labeling ambiguity

Java - With volcanic eruption looming, group plans animal evacuation

Missoula company closes animal carcass collection site

‘Animal Cop’ comes to Longmont

Animal control to patrol nightly

Chattanooga Animal Rescue Groups Pay High Prices At Georgia Auction

Completion of new Animal Services Center celebrated

Turkey - Konya Model For Homeless Animals


Black Pine Animal Park May Have to Move


Eagle's Eye: Animal dissections: A cruelty


Reducing stray animal population is clinic's mission


Animal safety is big concern near oil spill in bay

Animal Friends offers pet care classes


Group says it has prairie dog home


Wyoming - New state rule: euthanasia for unvaccinated pets that bite


Indonesia - Volcano-Area Residents Take Cues From Animals


Pets inducted into Animal Hall of Fame


Good guy acts bad for good cause

Animal advocates

Vietnam Rare Animal And Plan Species Threatened By Extinction


Tasmania - Animal rights group to attempt rodeo entry


Pet evacuation plans should proceed Thailand says to repatriate smuggled orangutans soon

? Quality trumps cuddly in animal auction pens

Rare animal sounds released on CD


Hawaii May Honor Humuhumunukunukuapuaa


California animal group complains to federal agency about Olympic Game Farm


Nipping a growing pet population


Mich. Tries to Clamp Down on Cormorants


Spotty oversight for Californians who own exotic animals


Don't let bureaucracy make animal visits extinct


An animal-loving businesswoman has set up a taxi service


70 Pacific Region Species to Be Reviewed


Species Information - Threatened and Endangered Animals and Plants


Texas - Ag Teacher Defends Food Processing Program that Includes Animal Slaughter


Humans gather this month to protect animals


Garden to alert public to animal crime lab


Sooty mangabeys at heart of research fight

Animal behaviorist helps pets who need an attitude adjustment

Group To Open Sanctuary For Adoptable Pets


Create an animal oasis

Hawaii - Reinforce kindness toward animals

'Every animal deserves a chance'

Goats become a hot commodity in Georgia

Donkey ball game stirs fight at Wilkes


Law officers attend animal-bite clinic


L.A. County Supervisor Candidate Dave Hernandez


Animal Groups Speak Out Against Controversial Tests

Studying Plants And Animal DNA

Poor data hides crisis facing species-scientists


Fire Dept. responds to animal emergency


20 years after meltdown, life returns to Chernobyl


Animal Angel Among Us


Animal Shiatsu Practiconer Warns Pet Owners 'Don't be Duped'


Course prepares people to come to a pet's rescue


Pethouse Pet of the Week


Switzerland - Campaign for animal advocates gathers pace

Ambrose’s Truck Series Debut to Include Animal Adoption League ...

First animal buried in Rainier pet cemetery


Animal activist Bogle responds to debate report


County commission backs rules to curb animal overbreeding


A mixed dog in wolf's clothing

Austin - 3/31 Buy a raffle ticket, save an animal

Animal grace: The human/pet bond is vital

Savvy homeowners decorate with their animal companions in mind


A tool for a lost cause


Warning Graphic - Animal rights advocate says "Korea Should Stop Eating Man's Best Friends"


Animal neglect an issue in Cayman


Women in Valley leading animal rescue operations

Six-Legged Lamb Born In Belgium

Santa Monica Wins Kudos from Animal Rights Group

Kenya - Starving animals die from overeating

'New' Rodent Proves to be Ancient Animal


Animal advocates to target Darden


Sacred sites key to protecting species: UN


Animal Farm meets the Marx Brothers


Kangaroo Leads Austrian Cops on Snow Chase


Award-winning animal groomers

Activists unchain animal issues

Officials: Abandoning an animal is a crime

Animal rights, disease issues top Pork Forum

US is a nation of 360 million -- pets


Animal Health and Consumer Protection


HSUS Protest.  Let Us Review....


Greg Biffle steps up for pets


Animal smuggler tally over 1,000

Rat-Squirrel Not Extinct After All


McMaster honored by Humane Society for animal fighting stance


Animal Fat Tank Explodes


French Journal Says New Crustacean Found


Chicago-based pet group aiding Humane Society


Magazine recognizes local animal lovers


Farmer violates animal restriction


Pampering pays for pet-boarding industry


New York Man Inhaled Anthrax from Animal Hides


Man forced to marry goat as ‘wife’


Virginia turns down road memorials to hogs

Animal adoption program put on hold

Manatee Deaths Set January Record in Florida


Animal rights are not protected


Kenya Transit Point for Animal Trade


And they call it puppy love

WANTED: Canine Compassion


Paradise Found: Hundreds of New Species in Remote New Guinea


Speed-petting will help find lifelong animal friends

New Animal Village Could Save Pets Lives


Study suggests steps a planet must go through for complex animal life to arise


Arcade game gives live lobsters, not stuffed animals, as prizes


Getting back to basics at the Humane Society


A crusade to stop the killing


Is Fido ready for some football?


Report Suggests Cancer in Tasmanian Devils

Punxsutawney Groundhog Sees His Shadow


Animal carers and rescuers in short supply

Smells like Poop - New Deal Eases Fines for Farms That Pollute

Professor to discuss animal sex research


Animal Activism New Trend In Fashion World


Humane Society gets boost from other animal agencies

Animal lovers face off against fans of exotic delicacy

Help for animals long in the tooth

Scorpion Survives Inside Fossil Sample


Mouse Frustrates Endangered Species Policy


Singapore Animal lovers alarmed as dogs sales rise for Lunar New Year


New Fremont hotel going to the dogs, cats


Last herd of Lower 48 caribou fights for survival


Protecting Pets


Kudos to eBay for its ban on Internet animal sales


Couple Opt for Cryogenics for Themselves and Their Dogs


Indonesia Suffers Loss of US$1 M Due To Animal Trafficking


Evolution Doesn't Always Favor Bigger Animals


Biologists discover at least 27 new animal species in caves


Jagger's daughter taunts animal activists


Europe - Animal scares create demand for vegetarian ingredients



Wacky stories brighten up '05


Animal eggs 'to grow stem cells'


Montana Cattlemen's Association (MCA) Policy


Animal activists get Harrisburg's ear


Boar hunters retrieve one animal


Supporters back man who kept tigers


Humans to smell like dogs?


Animal rights group urges Sharon to go vegetarian


Pet-rescue initiative still saving animals


Animal rights activist changes name to


Animal charity grows from tsunami


New Study Shows Animal Family Tree Looking Bushy In Places


Protesters rally against live sheep exports


Amazing creature melds plant, animal and mineral


More news on the animal front



Book to chronicle Kenya's post-tsunami hippo-tortoise friendship


A push for animal-friendly roads


Decoding of Woolly Mammoth Genome


El Paso - Animal Abuse Hotline Busy


Migrating prairie dogs a problem


Puppies become victims in cruel trade


'Fish with chips' reveal ocean migration routes


Animal dump protest grows


Let dogs be dogs


On The Farm: Know the rules before you acquire any equine animal


Pampered Pets, Hungry Kids


Poll: People favor non-animal experiments


In Mongolia, an 'Extinction Crisis' Looms


Roadkill deer is dining fit for kings at animal sanctuary


Animal Lover Suspended for Squirrel Rescue


Farmer Protects Animals From Hunters With Orange Paint


Animal pros offer tips to officers


Animal rescuers, officials clash


Shameful - Adidas Gets Go Ahead For Kangaroo Leather Shoes


Pets could be cash cow for city


Keep animals warm during the winter months


Animal rights groups differ on severity of plight of strays


Factory Farming's Not the Problem -- It's Animal Farming


Time runs out for animal survivors of Pakistan quake


Adopt a wild animal or two without all the muss or fuss


Do animals deserve rights?


List of Florida's Endangered Animals and Plants


Europe's biggest animal cemetery


Study: Over 800 Species at Risk in Calif.


Finding the source of SARS


Halloween event raises funds to fight animal abuse, neglect


Animal rights or wrongs?


Roaming wild animals a threat to Mid-South drivers


Colorado group pushes animal overpass


Red Lobster in Hot Water Over Link to Illegalities


Bahamas - National Crackdown On “Prevalent” Animal Fighting


State considers tighter restrictions on exotic animals


Response to Smear Tactics by Tobacco/Meat Industry Front Group


Animal behavior can help predict weather


S. Korea To Strengthen Animal Protection Rules


Simplest known animals engage in sex


Animal Liberation criticised over rodeo ban call


Some pet owners want animal care to knock down their doors


New labs wage war on animal diseases


Oxygen Helped Mammals Grow, Study Finds


Uncommon heroes


Agency targets animal damage


Animal cancer specialist starts pioneer work in city


Craigslist pressured to ban dog, cat ads


Animal owners dump pets on New Glarus Township woman


FDA proposes to ban cattle parts from all animal feed


Could it ever be ok to wear fur?


Bereaved French pet owners to pay for removal of animal carcasses


Offend the animal-worshippers at your own risk


Ozark Profile : A pet protector

Offend the animal-worshippers at your own risk 

German inventor's 'cat fuel' angers animal lovers


Strange animal causes stir in West Texas town 


Group wants animals to roam Great Plains


Will lions and elephants roam North America?


Knowledge of animal virus far from complete


Another farm worker shot after mistaken for animal


Commission: Who will pay to enforce animal ordinance?


DA charges 16 with dogfighting


Health experts call for global animal surveillance


Animal lab firm's US debut halted


Animal tests firm in shares mystery


Animal attacks common in 'bestiality belt'


Animal therapy group marks 20th year


Animal Evac needs help


Pet lovers call for more humane euthanasia


Easy being green


Animal Assisted Therapy


Animal Behaviorist Weighs In On Proposed City Ordinance


Lead citizens express at-large animal concerns


Kansas Considers Federal Permits for Owning Exotic Animals


More animal-disease protection suggested


Animal rights groups, UW organization vying for same property


Don't fear this


APL: 'Amount Of Animal Neglect Would Astound People'


Canine camp teaches children to care


Mutant Mice Carry Diseases to Help Humans


Animal Friends founder says it's time to take a break


Getting serious about animal abuse


Heartbreak and hope


Indian premier takes over program to protect endangered tigers


Goats Hired to Ease Wildfire Danger


450 sheep jump to their deaths in Turkey


Animal Protest

FDA bans use of antibiotic in poultry

Senate honors Garrard animal control wardens


Changes would let committee hear appeals in animal cases


Activists to protest alleged farm animal abuse at UNR


Seal Patients Reach Record Level At Marine Animal Lifeline


Injecting awareness among animal lovers

Why you can't sit down to eat without making a statement

Indian police arrest poacher for alleged involvement in disappearance of tiger




Utah "best friends" animal shelter claims to have room for all animals, despite 300 new arrivals from Lebanon


Hundreds of dogs and cats from Lebanon are safe in Utah


Dogs and cats left in Lebanon to be airlifted to U.S.


Volunteers move pets to safety in Lebanon

Let pets out of Lebanon: rights group



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