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The American Enterprise Terrorism Act and the HSUS


The American Enterprise Terrorism Act is a bill that is quickly and quietly being passed through the Senate and House, with barely a recess before going to the White House.   It has passed unanimously in the Senate!  Contact your representatives and tell them to oppose HR 4238!


Contact your House Reps now at 202-224-3121.


This is a bill so cleverly worded, making us think that this only targets radical violent animal groups. Actually, if you read it carefully, any disagreement could follow under the "intent to conspire".


People, do you get this?!!! This bill is purposely vague, so a peaceful protest could fall under this bill. This means our first amendment rights, for the first time in history, can be taken away, in order to allow big business to profit, that unfairly and cruelly use animals, without any interference. To confuse people, it is done in the name of "terrorism". This is what happened to the SHAC7! They were five guys and a girl, along with the SHAC7 organization that were quietly convicted 9/12/06, for mere words on a website, because they targeted "big business" using animals inhumanely. The seven terrorists Bush talks about in his State of the Union are these exact animal activists, and AETA will secure this action, guaranteeing all businesses to never lose a profit that is caused by an animal activist. This means that when Oprah was sued by the beef industry she would have lost and been sited a fine or even jailed through this law.  She would have been deemed a “terrorist”!

Here is the bigger and more disturbing question. Where is HSUS in this?? They are the richest, largest international animal organization with the biggest mailing list, in addition to a ton of affiliates. HSUS gets their millions by playing "moderate" with safe issues. Their self-promotion which gives them their millions they define as "lobbying through awareness". Though they also take credit for bills they didn't create.


When HSUS wants a bill passed, they get it passed. So where are they with AETA?  HSUS only has a very safe opinion about AETA on their website, much like a disclaimer. Could this be because Wayne Percelle, the CEO, is looking to the future to become a politician and therefore distancing himself with this bill? HSUS is actually busy getting FEMA to make them lead agency to all future disasters, though they failed Katrina. HSUS wants this bill with FEMA, because they made so many easy millions during Katrina. The State Attorney General investigated those millions.

HSUS is also trying, for the first time, to get shelters to join under their HSUS umbrella. This may be another avenue to secure more votes when Wayne, the CEO of HSUS, runs for President of U.S. People, HSUS uses "killing" for all their solutions, "kill all pit bulls, kill all ferals". HSUS goes as far as forcing D.A.'s, for example, in North Carolina , to jail people who feed or fix ferals. They also send out letters contradicting the Health Dept., stating feral cats spread bird flu. I thought they get donations from little ol' ladies to protect kitties, not people. While the U.S. spends 4 billion dollars on animal organizations, 2 billion for private, 2 for government, we are killing 10 times more than any other country. Why? Because killing only allows these animal organizations to continually profit off the problems. HSUS makes much more money than their 9/90 says, because they are international. However, HSUS nationally makes $150 million. That is enough to stop what they call "pet over-population". For every dollar spent on spay/neuter, you save $10 dollars on housing, killing and disposing of an animal. This is the only real way to lower births while saving money.

Call up your politicians and vote against AETA, (202-224-3121). Most of all … support only those organizations that actively and loudly campaign against this bill (AETA) as that shows they are the real deal!

SHANE & SIA BARBI  - “The New Faces of Terror”  (just kidding)  But various serious about this issue!


To read more on HR 4239  and S. 3880  AETA Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act:


HR 4239:


S 3880:


1 . Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (Engrossed as Agreed to or Passed by Senate)[S.3880.ES]

2 . Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (Introduced in Senate)[S.3880.IS]


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