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Guangzhou Zoo (Guangzhou, China) needs to be looked at...

June 19th, 2006

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter to express my deep concern for the animals in Guangzhou Zoo - Guangzhou, China.

I am an American English teacher currently living in Guangzhou, China. On my day off, I decided to take a tour at Guangzhou Zoo. As I walked throughout the zoo observing the different animals, my heart literally ached as I witnessed the terrible facilities that they live in. The tigers live in small concrete cages with rusted bars and they paced up and down with a clear look of hunger and distress. How someone can walk the path and watch these animals without crying is an absolute wonder. The elephant in the zoo, although living in a larger space, is clearly malnourished. The elephant, by his posture and the obvious begging for food looked more like a circus entertainer than a creature living in a simulated natural environment. My heart was torn in two as I witnessed people taunt the elephant urging him to raise his trunk even more. Noticing the elephant with missing tusks was absolutely gut wrenching.

The Animals in Guangzhou Zoo live in bare enclosures, and show obvious signs of distress and malnutrition. Bare rusted cages, concrete, and dirt are all that one can see when touring the zoo. Most of the animals look as if they haven't been bathed in weeks. They have no stimulation whatsoever besides the taunting of the public. Many of the tigers have no companionship of their own kind, and most of them are obviously bored or anxious, biting their cages, pacing up and down and in circles. In addition, you can see signs of extreme suffering expressed in excessive grooming and self mutilation. This is not unusual, since any living being, human or otherwise, would suffer similarly under completely unnatural circumstances.

In sharp contrast to this depressing view are the clean, groomed, and tree-lined walks provided for Zoo guests. How can anyone stroll along these beautiful walkways yet look at the animals surviving in such misery? Why must these Animals, in 2006, still suffer so horribly? It is unfortunate that a country of loving people, so rich in culture, beauty, and history, could also be a party to such a disgraceful situation.

Please do all thatís in your power to help protect and save the Animals from Guangzhou Zoo, while there is still time. If there are no resources available, then the Zoo should be closed and the Animals sent to sanctuaries. I believe that your organization's noble heart will understand the importance of taking some needed immediate action.

Thank You for Your time.

Best Regards,



Save the Animals in

Guangzhou Zoo, China


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