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West Virginia - Renovations at animal shelter make it ‘1,000 times better'


Tri-County animal shelter cleared of allegations of wrong doing


Homeless pets overwhelm shelter


Animal Shelter Requires Strict Checks for Students to Adopt Pets


Crowded animal shelters frustrate dog rescuer


Terre Haute animal control enforcement not picking up strays


Animal control officers learn how to capture large animals


Hundreds of animals saved from smoky shelter in Munster


Woman spends month in kennel for shelter


Pound animals getting a new 'leash' on life


Minnesota - What now? Animal Ark leaves with animals, recommends that Humane Society close


Group prepares animal shelter study


Sheriff says animal neglect charges against Boca shelter ‘unfounded’


Feud between Tri County and Animals Lovers of Boca Raton rages


Humane Society's future: Animal Ark steps in to find homes for animals, has other changes in mind for shelter


Animal shelter, animal rescue group announce partnership

N. Fort Myers animal sanctuary tries to stay afloat


West Virginia - Putnam shelter provides animals a place to play


Was Noah's Ark seizure legal?


Elkhart shelter takes in pair of alligators


Long Beach - Animal control: Restraining order on euthanizing expires


Name cleared, animal hospice operator begins to get pets back


Animals find shelter after storm


Animal control must follow law


Video - Rally for Noah's Ark


Shelter founder to seek hearing


Noah's Ark - Animals safe, for now


Officials report carcasses at shelter, Owner of L.B. facility, city agency differ greatly over conditions.


Possible Travesty in Long Beach as Shelter owner arrested


California Rescuers Unite to Help Noah's Ark


Animals Suffering In Old Shelter Building


Some say shelters' standards for pet adoption are too strict


Group presses for action on animal shelter 


Los Angeles County Waiver of Animal Shelter’s Licensing Obligation Illegal


Boca City Council vows full probe of animal shelter allegations


Houston Humane Society asks for help in caring for rescued pit bulls


Creative marketing helps 'sell' shelter animals


Group alleges animal cruelty, misconduct at Tri County Humane Society


Pot bellied pig ends two-week stay at the animal shelter


Animal Shelter Seeks Help From Community


Humane Society van, 7 dogs stolen; suspect collared


Area animal shelters prep for disasters


Help deter 'puppy mills' by getting animal from a shelter


Animal control plagued by phones, short staff


QC Animal Shelter Sees Increase in Strays During Hot Weather


Animal Shelter says pets need special care during hot weather


One pilfered pup returned to animal shelter; other still missing


Albuquerque - Animal shelters show progress


Animal shelter praises public's help after attack


Shelter continues growing for animals


Plan for proposed $1.75M animal shelter defeated


Wamego animal shelter working with city to correct problems


Tucson, Arizona - Crowded cages plague animal center


Animal protection officer warns of heat risk to pets


Pit bulls are crowding the county's animal shelter


Animal Shelter Needs Chew Treats


New York - Audit Finds Inadequacies at Animal Shelters


New shelter will help give animals 'better odds'


Animal shelter improves by leaps and bounds


Teens Confess To Robbing Animal Shelter


Animal shelter to raise its cremation fees


Animal Shelter Takes Drastic Step


San Antonio - Unwanted Animals Need Second Chance


Girl Scout Troop Draws Attention To Local Animal Shelter


Plans Revised For 3 Million St. Louis Animal Shelter


Animal Shelter Robbed For Second Time In Month


Boca teen, Tannor Cortez, has wild success with animal shelter drive


Homeless dogs and cats overwhelming borough's animal shelter


New animal shelter deal focuses on accountability


A Day With An Austin Animal Control Officer


Girl honored for work to help animal shelter


Shelter Needs Help After Rescuing 75 Animals


North Carolina - Animal shelters balk at state regulations


Animal Shelter Turns Down PETA Help


Georgia - Hart estimates $100,000 to begin county animal control


Stuckey: Animals a people problem


Funding sought for animal shelter clinic


Wyoming - Council debates animal shelter issues


Above the Law and Below the Radar; Kern County Animal Shelters Sued for Breaking State Laws


Students prepare show to help county's animal shelter


Animal Control director begins imagining new facility


Animal control van set on fire


Around 70 Dogs Killed Wednesday at Cheyenne Animal Shelter


Animal Shelter Offers Gas Card With Adoptions


Animal shelter gets extreme makeover


Owasso Veterinarian Spearheads Effort To Double Size Of Animal Shelter


Animal Rescue League Opens World's First Cageless Shelter


Greg Biffle Foundation Grants Aid to Animal Shelters


Animal rescuers shying away from shelters


"The Last Resort": The Sad Truth About Animal Shelters


Animal control officer's best tool? Dog biscuits


Animal shelters in neighboring counties face similar problems


Animal Shelter Won't Help Volunteer Who Lost Nose To Dog


Animal control makes strange find in Lapeer

? - Dog owner's wishes ignored by animal shelter; Schnauzer survives ...

Animal shelter telethon aiming for funds and happy endings


Arizona - Pima Animal Care gets OK score in audit


EPPD, Animal Control begin lookout for animal abuse


New York - Bill would allow taxpayers to donate to animal shelters


Lucky, doctor promote new animal shelter


Bernadette Peters on Shelter Pets


Oakland pledges to save strays' lives


Animal Control is more than catching dogs


Animal Services raises awareness of abuse


Big Help Comes in a Small Package for Putnam County Shelter


Parvo Virus Shuts Down KC Animal Shelter


Dog stolen from Animal Services found dead


Waco, Texas - Area leaders remain loyal to embattled animal shelter


Pueblo firm to build animal shelter


Shelters finding ways to better help animals


San Antonio beefs up Animal Care site, adds online adoption


IDA Presents "Proof Of Shelter Abuse" To Waveland


Area Animal Shelter is Seeing Changes for the Better


Possible Impersonation of Animal Control Officer?


Animal shelter thieves still at large


Sad News Re: LAAS Shelter Volunteer Rocky


Animal shelter gets large gift, big headache


Man surrenders 62 parakeets to Brockton animal shelter


Officials shelve emotions, vote against animal shelter


Dose of reality: Being dog for a day


Preschool students donate to shelter


Animal Shelters in Over 20 Cities Launch ''


Confiscated chickens ‘warm and safe’ at animal shelter


3 cats at Austrian animal shelter have bird flu


Las Vegas animal shelter may close


Policy to help save animals' lives


A new, spacious place for dogs to call their own




Senate approves animal shelter conditions bill



Price right for Rancho’s new animal shelter


At shelter, a chip in time saves canines


China - New animal shelter overwhelmed by pets


No pussyfooting around when it comes to change


Shelter looks back at one year, 3,000 animals


Architects Create Animal Shelters in Pakistan


History of animal control in LA


Surgeon-inventor behind shakeup of L.A.’s animal services


ExpoPark to house 100 refuge dogs


Western Wisconsin animal shelter to close


Money Stolen From Animal Shelter Resale Shop


A Tour of the Animal Shelter


Animals Rescued from Shelter


Animal Shelter gets early Christmas


Delaware - Make a homeless pet happy, animal advocates urge


Shelter seeks animal lover


Bend Animal Shelter Overwhelmed with Stray Dogs


Shelter struggles with feral cat costs


Cageless animal shelter to open in Chicago


Plan To Euthanize Dog Divides Animal Shelter World


Changes at animal shelter boosting adoption rates


Reforming Animal Control


Animal lover says his good deed turned sour


click for video Directors of Animal Welfare


Kodiak Girl Scouts show appreciation for local shelter


Complaints of abuse arise at Cathedral City


The DAW Program /.mov


Villaraigosa must stop vowing to do what he can't deliver




Group makes progress on animal issues


Animal shelter puts adopting black cats on hold


Mayor, Animal Activists Meet but Resolve Nothing


Volunteer cat's meow to busy animal shelter


Animal dumping a problem


Animal activists cancel Antonio picket


Los Angeles - At-home security OK'd for workers


Animal Control Commission will solve several animal issues


Animal shelter under investigation


Public vents animal control frustrations to commission


Changes on horizon for animal shelter


Franklin County Animal Control participating in population reduction


Animal Sanctuary Hit Hard By Rita


Animal shelter raises rates


Volunteers drawn to help at Mississippi animal shelter


Animal Services Director Targeted


51 cockatiels abandoned at Santa Maria animal shelter


Suspects break into animal shelter


Los Angeles Animal Shelter Auctions off Animals?


Dangerous dog abducted from animal shelter


Council moves to shield Animal Services workers


County CEO gives fired animal control worker her job back


City animal shelters are in a fix


Rare tortoise puzzles animal shelter staff


Dangerous chemicals stolen from animal shelter


Animal Control Gets Needed Shot


Animal-control changes include bigger shelter


Disease's course slowing, but animal shelter perils 8/31/05


Henderson looks for bigger shelter to help with animal control


Animal shelter builder asks to be paid to leave


Agency clients are training-bound at shelter


Rescue League opens animal shelters


Animal shelter's request angers local city managers


Animal Control in the doghouse


Most agree, Hendricks County needs new animal shelter


Rancho Cucamonga seek input on animal shelter


ARNI, Black Crow at odds over animal shelter


Unfunded rules worry animal shelters


Cities outline plans for new animal services


City seeks input on animal shelter


Chula Vista Animal Shelter In State Of Crisis


Animal shelter offers reward for hit-and-run driver


New multimillion-dollar facility would address regional animal control issues


Dog-walker vital to Pocatello Animal Shelter


Hancock Animal Shelter Foundation, opponents meet


New animal shelter taking shape


Advocates aim for better animal shelter


Culver City to Consider Closer Animal Control Site


Gower proposes animal shelter


Animal shelter dealt full house


Families making tracks to NA-FC animal shelter


Group hopes to finally start animal shelter


Dog death at shelter, workers' illness spur investigation


Animal shelter unleashes campaign


Des Moines turns over animal shelter to ARL


Sonoma County set to review animal shelter

Animal Shelter Closes To Stop Spread Of Disease

Animal Control provides comfort, treatment for lost or unwanted pets


SPCA strikes deal with city shelter to save animals


So you want to start an animal shelter?

Snap founder - Sean Hawkins Animal welfare advocate begins anew

County wants animal sanctuary to move 7/28/05

Shelter gets little sympathy


Case of cruelty, or compassion?

Animal adoption rates on the rise 7/28/05

Group alleges problems with county animal shelter 7/28/05

Audit recommends more staff, space for animal control


Animal Control Overcrowding Causes Chaos

Perry Co. Purchases New Animal Shelter

Souder seeks homes for dogs, cats

Camp Kids learn animal care at C'ville shelter camp

Animal shelter deal approved


Wilson animal agencies at odds over taking pets


Oconee County Animal Shelter Preparing For Changes


Thousands Of Spooked Strays Fill County Animal Shelter


Animal shelter is offered premium chow - cheap

Klein Animal shelter catching wave of the future

Animal agency faces numerous challenges


Animal agencies can't Agree


Animal shelter employee makes residents stay nicer

Animal-control facility closer to reality

Animal shelter site questioned

Report Slams Thibodaux Animal Shelter For Widespread Neglect


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