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Captain Paul Watson

Animal News

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Whale News

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As Thousands Watch, Whales Depart Calif. Port


Young whale found in New York harbor


The Secret Language of Whales Revealed


Portland, Or - Whale watch volunteer training coming up


Ship Slices Another Endangered Whale


Whale Vocabulary More Elaborate Than Thought


Arctic hunters reluctantly take aim at trapped whales


Stranded Pilot Whale Dies in Florida


Norwegians Kill 546 Minke Whales in 2006

Scientists Fret over Starving and Missing Whales

Geneva, NY - Whale Watch gets no funds in proposed city budget

Scores of tardy whales could be trapped as lakes freeze

Obscure whale species like to dive deeper

For Pods of Whales, Celebrity Status and Now a Lawsuit

Small Prehistoric Whale Was Vicious Hunter

Whale songs used in conservation efforts

Blue whale ancestor was no gentle giant

Boat companies concerned over speed limits to protect whales

Girl Makes Profit From Whale Vomit

Officials urge whale watchers to use discretion

Speed Limits For Ships Could Protect Whales

Trained Dog Sniffs Out Whales

Boat's Crew Returns With Whale Of Tale

Experts: DNA Technique May Save Whales

Shedd Aquarium beluga gives birth

Endangered whale gets habitat protection

Scientists: Whale Found Inland Likely Froze

Beachgoers fret over doomed whale's struggle

Boat speed limit proposed to save whales

Anti-whalers rally after key vote

Pro-whaling nations set to take control

Whale warning to Pacific Islands

Rare whale spotted


Aquarium Whale Fighting For His Life

Whale diagnosed with life-threatening infection

A whale of a problem in Malibu

Dozen nations urge Norway to stop commercial whaling

Petition - Whale Slaughter Disguised as "Research" - Take Action!

Officials tell boaters to slow down for endangered whales

Whale Guide to Be Available in Russian

No definitive reason for whale deaths

Evidence whale kill sham: minister

Young whale lingers near bay

Groups Debate 'Endangered' Whale Status

Whale strikes unnecessary

Down in Mexico: The deal that saved the whale

Tools keep whale rescue safe

How whales outsmart fishing fleets


Rare Whales Spotted In Gulf


Eight whales wash up dead in Mexico maritime mystery


Sperm Whales Use Engines As 'Dinner Bells'


Fewer migrating whales arrive in Mexican lagoons


Whale vs. Boat


Whale watering can sold on eBay


London whales death tied to dehydration


London whales death may save others


Necropsy Performed on River Thames Whale


Rare Whales in CC Bay Baffle Researchers


None injured in season's first collision with whale


Protests threat over whale police


$7m trip to record whale songs


Whale-watching season on the California coast


Scientists Solve Mystery Of The 'Unicorn' Whale


Arctic orcas highly contaminated


Report: Ocean noise harms dolphins, whales


Baja - Whales and eco-tourists both seem to enjoy their encounters.


Puget Sound orcas to be on endangered list


Whale protectors continue to rally


For humane whale kill, hunters turn to new explosive


Disorientation seen in mass whale deaths


'Most' stranded pilot whales dead


Commercial fishermen called upon to help save endangered whales


Whale tangled in rope off coast


Clever Whale Uses Fish to Catch Seagulls


Did a whale forget to leave?


Whale calf puts on show for locals


Scientists Hope To Listen For Whales


Plymouth whale watch captain appealed the $3,500 penalty for close encounter


Costa Rica prohibits swimming with dolphins, whales


Baby whale dies in shark net


Whale baby boom cheers scientists


Whaling Commission upholds killing ban


Big wake up call for snoozing whale 7/29/05

Whalers call for return to commercial hunting

Anger over bid to hike whale catch



Captain Paul Watson

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Katrina Rescue 2

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Noble Paws

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Skunk Rescue/.mov

Whale Rescue

Why not to declaw

According to, the largest animal ever to have lived on the planet is the blue whale and the longest blue whale ever measured was a 110-foot long female. Contrary to popular belief, the whale is a mammal and not a fish because it is warm-blooded and gives birth to its young.

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